Okuyasu Nijimura - ineloquentformalities

    (Colossalcon, June 2014)

  2. WARNING: trained professionals. do not attempt to jojo pose on a motorcycle, imaginary or otherwise.

    Josuke Higashikata - hiererophantgreen
    Rohan Kishibe - shineko
    Okuyasu Nijimura - ineloquentformalities


    Rohan don’t be dong.

    (Colossalcon, June 2014)

  3. "Josuke give me a ride home."
    "You lost the keys to your motorbike didn’t you"
    "I am insulted these accusations. I, the great Kishibe Rohan, will not stand for them. Hey Koichi, give me a ride home.”

    Rohan Kishibe - shineko
    Josuke Higashikata - hiererophantgreen
    Koichi Hirose - gyrojo

    (Colossalcon, June 2014)

  4. Pet Shop - glitchobsessional

    (Colossalcon, June 2014)

  5. "Human life is short and frail. Heed the wise words of WHAM: do not hasten towards your end by challenging me to fight!"
    "Only obtaining the Red Stone of Aja matters! Anything else I, Lord CARS, would do as casually as plucking a flower. And that includes including taking your life, Jojo!"
    "SUZIE Q, getting married to a big lug like you? Fat chance!"
    "You may call me LISA LISA. Your training begins now! Only by mastering the lost art of Hamon can you ever hope to defeat the Pillar Men!"
    "We Italians take family very seriously, JoJo! Your grandfather's mess got mine killed! On my name as CEASAR ZEPPELI, I should take my revenge here and now!"
    "The next thing you're gonna say is 'you planned this?' Hehehe, of course I did! I'm not just some trickster, I'm JOSEPH JOESTAR! I stacked the whole deck!"

    50 years after the ordeal of Jonathan Joestar, the legacy of the Stone Mask threatens the fate of the world, yet again! It’s up to a new JoJo to set things right in JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE PART 2: BATTLE TENDENCY

    Starring Lexxyraptor (Joseph), v-o-n (Wham), protakun (Cars), celebdil (Lisa Lisa), shitnutmegglikes (Caesar), and gwess (Suzie Q)

    (Colossalcon, June 2014)

  6. carry me home… [x]

    (Colossalcon, June 2014)

  7. The 「Metalocalypse」 has begun…

    Nathan Explosion - vengeancetakesyou
    Pickles The Drummer - xwatchingusdietonight
    William Murderface - Victor Schnell
    Toki Wartooth - Brandi Weaver

    Skwisgaar Skwigelf: Kati Tylicki

    (Colossalcon, June 2014)


  8. thesugoinerdist said: Hi there! I have a question about being in a cosplay video. Do you have to pay for a photo shoot in order to be in the cosplay video? Also I love your work so far!

    Thank you very much! You don’t need to be part of a shoot with me for me to feature you in a video, in fact a lot of people in my cosplay videos aren’t shooting photos with me at the time.

    Much of the time the way it goes is I will notice a particularly striking cosplay at the con while I’m walking the floor, ask them there on the spot if I can get some footage, and then if it’s feasible with their costume and if I’ve got time, I’ll ask for an interview as well. This happens a little bit more often, I’d say, than the other way, which is after a shoot if we’ve both got time and I’ve brought my video equipment, I’ll ask the client if they’d like to be in the video, as I’ve advertised.

    I would never ask a cosplayer for payment specifically for the video portion of a photoshoot, or for stopping them for footage in the hall. I’m going to publish this answer, thesugoinerdist, as it’s basically public information. Thank you for asking!


    • Slots are limited, so sign up fast
    • I work on a ‘pay-what-you-want’ basis for photos
    • You are invited but not required to participate in filming for a Con Video

    Links to my vids: | AwesomeCon DC | MAGFest | Katsucon | AnimeUSA | Colossalcon |

    Sign up for a shoot!

  10. I like the way you walk
    I like the way you talk
    I like the way you walk
    I like the way you talk, Suzie Q

    Suzie Q - gwess

    (Colossalcon, June 2014)